Building your own Storage Shed

Building your own Storage shed
BY: Daniel Lazaj

Building your own storage shed can be a very uniquely satisfying process, not to mention the money you can save by building your own storage shed. Building a storage shed is alot easier than most people think. Building a storage shed does not require alot of skill, as much as patience. Measure twice and cut once, means be patient, take your time, and don't hurry. If you can use a hammer, saw and can follow step by step instructions, you can build your own storage shed.

There are only a few common tools that are necessary to build a shed. Some of the tools require to build a storage shed would include a hammer, hand saw, measuring tape, pencil,rafter square, level, drill, and my favorite the miter saw. Precise cutting is made alot easier with a miter saw or a table saw. The cuts are made more quickly than by hand.
If you need to buy tools buy them as you need them and avoid getting tools that you don't need or ones you will find you will never need.

Check and level the floor by laying a straight board on the ground and then a carpenter's level on top of it. Next you will neen to choose your foundation type. The most commonly used types are the wooden skid and the concrete slab. A wooden skid is cheaper to build and it allows you to move the storage shed. If you build a wooden skid foundation, you should prepare a gravel base. The gravel provides a flat stable surface that drains well and helps keep the timber dry. To prepare your gravel base, remove 4 inches of soil in an area about 12 inches wider and longer than the dimension of the storage shed. Fill the area with 4 inches of compactible gravel, rake the gravel and then check it for level using a 4 foot level and straight 8 foot long 2x4. Rake until it is fairly level. Tamp the gravel using a hand tamper. Add and remove gravel until the surface is level.

Most of the framing can be done with a miter saw. The nails used for the framing are called common nails. These have a larger diameter than box nails, making them stronger.
The roofing typically follows the framing. Roofing includes installing the roof sheathing, facia boards, and shingles. The most commonly used materials used are asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are the most durable and low maintenance material available for your storage shed.
Plywood siding is the least expensive and easiest to install. The most common is the T1-11. It resembles vertical board siding and has a lip edge that forms weather proof verticle seams to protects the siding. To protect the siding from the elements apply protective finish, stain, paint, or varnish as soon as possible.

Install the trim to cover the storage shed seams and cover gaps around windows and door frames. This will weather proof as well as give it a decorative look.

I have built many do- it- yourself projects. My most recent was a storage shed. Other outdoor projects I have built include gazebo, tree hose, outdoor chairs, benches and tables. You can see my most recent project here Free storage shed plans
This blog will take you through the process of building a storage shed, price estimate for material. I have also added a material list and a cutting list.