Free Storage Shed Plans

After looking at many pre-built storage shed kits and local storage shed builders sheds, I decided to build my own from scratch.
The material cost was around $550 from a building supply store.
I built the entire storage shed myself in about three days.
Building your own storage shed can be a very satisfying process, you will have a well built storage shed that will outlast any wood or sheet metal kit shed.

Make sure you stop by or call your zoning department before you begin your project.
Find out whether your storage shed will be allowed by zoning regulations.

Storage sheds greater than 120 sq. feet generally require a permit, but temporary buildings generally do not.

How to build a storage shed, step-by-step instructions will take you through these stages.
Framing, the floor will be first, then the walls and then the roof.
Roofing, adding the roofing paper and shingles.
Exterior finishes, including trim and paint.

Many of the tools needed to build your storage sheds are common to most households.