step 4 Build Storage Shed Front Wall With Doors

How to build a storage shed
Material for front wall with door

2- 2x4 x 74"- Jambs
4- 2x4 x74"- Uprights
4- 2x4 x 16 3/4"- Stiles
2- 2x6 x 16 3/4"- Base
16- Corner Blocks
2 Pair- 4" Butt Hinges

1- 2x4 x 57"- Lintel
1- 2x4 x 48"- Header
1- 4" Hasp
2- 1/2" siding 4x8

On a worktable lay out the door parts.
Nail the base and stiles to the door uprights, this is temporary to hold the pieces together, once you nail the siding it will get it's strenght.

Skrew in the 4" butt hinges to the door, then skrew it to the doorjamb. I used clamps to hold the doorjamb. The doorjamb should stick out 1/4" on top so the door will swing freely.

Close the jambs up, so the door is laying flat.
Lay a sheet of siding face down on your doorframe.
Flush the bottom of the siding with the bottom of the door frame.
Flush the edge of the siding with the edge of the door. If it is not square, square it now and nail through the siding into the door frame and door jamb.

There will be a right and left door, when assembling remember there is male and a female edge on the siding. You must have the female siding flush. On the male siding the lip will stick out past the door frame. When the doors are closed the female edge will close over the male lip.

With a straight edge draw a line between the doorjamb and door frame.
Draw another line flush with the top of the door frame.
With a skil saw cut along the line, do not cut out completly, leave about three 4" sections to keep the door from swinging open and keep it square.

Temporarily nail a 2x4 on the bottom, so the siding can sit on while you nail it.
Nail it to the sidewall, push sidewall in or out to square it, nail siding on bottom and rafters.
Once you install both sides, go inside and install a 2x4 on each side of the door, cut to lenght and notch it around the rafters.
Take a handsaw and finish cutting out the sections you left during the assembly.
Install the header, let it hang down 1/2" below the top of the door, this will serve as a door stop.
Go outside and nail through the doorjambs into the studs you just installed.
Remove the temporary 2x4 on the bottom, now your doors should swing freely.

Inside the storage shed I installed 2x4
on the sides and top of door.

I installed this door hardware to keep the storage shed door from swinging open.