Garden Bridge Plans - DIY Arch foot bridge

Build your own garden bridge with these step-by-step plans. Plans include all the details needed for this foot bridge, including a free PDF download.

Garden bridge plans free PDF download.
Download here, garden bridge plans, easy to build, and will look great in small pond or a dry creek.

This foot bridge can be built using basic tools, such as a circular saw, jig saw, and power drill.

The time required to complete this project is usually one weekend.

Use pressure treated lumber for parts that will be in direct contact with the ground.

Finish this outdoor project by painting or using wood preserver, this outdoor garden bridge will last many years with proper maintenance and care.

Free Pavilian Plans Material List PDF Download

Build a pavilion in your backyard with these simple to follow plans. Plans include illustrated drawings, material list, step-by-step details, and a free PDF download.

The blueprints for this will build a pavilion 14 feet by 16 feet.

Pavilian plans includes free PDF download.
Pavilian plans for a 14x16
Free pavilian plans includes a material list.
The frame is built using 6x6 post, and 2x6 boards for the rafters. The roof pitch is an 8 inch drop as shown in picture above.
See all the details and download these free plans here: Pavilion Plans - Source: Construct101