Choosing Your Storage Shed Location

Build your own Shed Choosing the Location
By: Daniel Lazaj

Beware of the location you choose, some things you may want to consider before building your storage shed.

Remember, well-thought-out advance planning is crucial when choosing the storage shed location.

One of the first things you want to do before choosing the location for your storage shed, is checking with local building and zoning department. By calling or visiting your local building and zoning department you can determine a few things, about your storage shed project. Find out before building your storage shed if it will be allowed by zoning regulations. Zoning governs the size and height of your storage shed and the location you choose, to build a storage shed. Find out if you need a permit to build a shed, if you do need a permit you will have to submit plans. A site plan is a detailed layout of the storage shed on the property. If your storage shed is small, permits may not be required. If you do need a permit to build your storage shed, and your project is approved you must buy a permit to display on the building site.

Once you are ready to start building a storage shed, you can take a slow walk around your yard and your property with your tape measure and mark the location spot for your storage shed.

You will need to consider if you have the time and experience to build your storage shed, or if you will need to hire a contracter for all or part of the storage shed project. Once that is decided you will be ready to start building your storage shed.

Some of the things you want to consider when picking the location of your storage shed would be :
Sunlight, south facing windows and doors bring in the most sunlight to your shed .
Access to your storage shed.
View of the shed from your house. Do you want to see it from your house, or do you want it to blend in with the outdoors.
Setback of your shed from buildings or fences. Your shed must be set back a specific distance from the property line, it may range from 6" to 3 feet or more, check with your zoning laws.

Also you might check for utility lines. Contact your local utility to find out where the water line, gas line and electrical line run through your property. You do not want to build your storage shed over lines that may need repair.

Do some extremely careful planning before you start building your storage shed.

I have built many do- it- yourself projects. My most recent was a storage shed. Other outdoor projects I have built include gazebo, tree hose, outdoor chairs, benches and tables. You can see my most recent project here Free storage shed plans
This blog will take you through the process of building a storage shed, price estimate for material. I have also added a material list and a cutting list.