Shed Plans 12x16 Gable Roof Shed

12x16 shed plans large shed plans
Photo credit construct101
12x16 shed plans, plans can be seen at the Construct101 website. These plans include a free PDF download, cutting list, shopping list, and the material list needed for the build.

These plans will build a large shed, 12x16 in size, so more than likely a building permit will be required.

The 12x16 shed plans include lots of details and simple to follow illustrations for building the shed. The basic procedure will include building the foundation, in this cas the plans will show you how to build a wood foundation, that makes it easier than concrete.

The next step as with any structure will be framing the walls, cutting rafters and building the shed truss, adding the siding, roof deck, and the rest of the finishing details.

This large shed will offer plenty of space if you need to store ATV's or a lawn tractor. The side of the shed has a large door to pull large objects in or out.