Build a Planter Box and Planter Bench in a Day

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If you want to make your home more attractive on the outside, growing trees and plans is a great start.

Many times however space is an issue and you will need to get creative.  An alternative to planting in the ground is planting in planters. Buying planter boxes does not have to drain your resources; you can always build your own, see planter box plans at construct101 for details. If you want to get free planter boxes get a hold of some scrap lumber.

When building planters always start with plans, check out these planter plans from construct101. Although it is not difficult to build planters, plans will always be helpful, it they will give you a good idea of the finish product before you even start.

You can and style to your existing landscape. They are great focal points for entryways, patios, or gardens.

A design like a planter bench combines two great projects, a planter box and a bench. It will add beauty to your home and it will be functional by providing extra seating.

Planter boxes are used by lots of business’s to make the landscape of the building look more appealing or inviting.

One great perk of growing plants in planters is that it will allow you to move them in the future if needed. You can place them in the sun and move them into the porch in the winter.

Planter boxes can be made from many types of material. The best type of lumber however that will last many years is redwood or pressure treated.

Another great advantage to building your own planters is that it will allow you to decorate and paint them any style you want. You can paint or stain them to match your house or to blend into your landscape.

Maintenance is very minimal requiring only you to hose them down, or maybe pressure washing them and some paint touch up every several years.