8x8 Barn Shed Plans

These plans will guide you to build an 8x8 barn shed. These 8x8 barn shed plans include everything you need to know to get started. Below you can see the an overview of the size of this small barn shed.

8x8 barn shed plans
8x8 barn shed front view.
Side view of 8x8 barn shed plans.
Floor view of 8x8 barn shed plans.
Free Download - 8x8 Barn Shed Plans - At Construct101.
Build this 8x8 shed, great small shed addition for storage, tools, or for the garden.
Building this shed can be done by anyone who has basic building knowledge and common tools. The plans will include everything you need to know. Blueprints come with PDF, material list, drawings, and easy to follow instructions.
This guide will show you how to build:
  • Foundation, floor for the shed.
  • Frame the walls.
  • Cut rafters and assemble the roof truss.
  • Attach the exterior siding.
  • Build the shed door.
  • Add the trim and shingles.
Construct101 also has plans for a variety of shed sizes, designs, as well as other DIY outdoor projects.